Someday Before Tomorrow

Twenty-something Logic Grove accidentally slept through the apocalypse, and, if it was up to her, she would spend the rest of her life the same way: locked in her bedroom—the bomb-shelter under what’s left of her parents’ house.

However, she keeps getting cryptic phone calls from her brother and his roommate –trying to reach her from another realm using bootlegged technology.

Proof that her brother is alive is all the motivation she needs to step away from being the sensible, safe girl who rations everything from toilet paper to leveling up in video games.

Logic decides she needs to take an active role in her family reunion and continued survival rather than waiting by the phone to be rescued.

But, before Logic can get to her brother and his roommate, she has to make her way past a secretive super-scientist ex-boyfriend, violent mutants, and a corporation determined to use her to advance their re-evolution initiatives.